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is but the biography of great men."
                                                                   Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881

  Museums & Exhibitions (Past & Present)   Buyers, Sellers & Patrons
Manzanar National Historic Site
 US National Park Service

 PO Box 426
 5001 Hwy 395
 Independence, CA 93526

Ph: 760-876-2194

Japanese American National Museum
 Hirasaki National Resource Center
 Permanent Collection

 369 East First Street
 Los Angeles, CA 90012

Ph: 213-625-0414

The Gerald R. Ford Museum
 Exhibit 1999

Eastern California Museum
 Permanent Collection

  155 Grant St.,
  P.O. Box 206
  Independence, CA 93526

Ph: 760-878-0258, 878-0364

Some Stores that sold Takahashi Birds in the past:
  Ambercrombie & Fitch Co.
   Gumps Department Stores
   Von Lengerke & Antoine
Dedicated Beloved Patron
   Merle & Amy Erickson
  News Paper Articles & Write-ups   Historical Documents (Internment camp, notifications, etc.)

"Takahashi birds find nest..."

Local Pair Engaged In Unique Industry..."

Birds are their business..."

Those New Artistic Shoulder Pin Birds are Wood-Carved By Garden Grove Couple..."

Self-Made Artists In Wood And Paint Carve Out A New Career..."

Mrs. Kiyoka Takahashi displays some of her bird-shaped lapel pins

Christian Science Monitor 1946

Vintage Collection

Poston Camp Information Bulletin"

Poston Camp; Typical Block Plan"

Notice of Classification Local Board No. 173,
Orange County, CA"

Yoneguma's request for Re-classification"

Bird Crafting School Membership Certificate of adult education from Poston, Arizona Camp"

Request for storage of Property - form - given to Japanese Americans by War Relocation Authority"

Law #100-383 Civil Liberties act, Signed Into Public Law by Ronald Reagan..."

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